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The Rock-n-Roll Marathon – Team in Training

January 19, 2008

On January 1st when I sat in my office waiting to run the Frosty 5k in Guilford my thoughtsDan Cummings - The Running Realtor of a running goal for the year was not well defined. At the end of my first year running I did a 5 miles, my second year’s goal was completion of a half marathon and at the beginning of my third year a full 26.2 mile marathon seemed huge. Initially my idea was to call it a plateau year and just stick to my 5k events and try another half hoping to improve my time.

One of the first pieces of mail I received in 2008 was from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society inviting me to learn more about their Team in Training and I noticed the Fairfield Half Marathon that I thought I would run for the second time was an event in which they were involved so I attended the meeting.

Learning that Team in Training provides the largest fundraiser for the society and this is their 20th Anniversary with an event scheduled shortly after my 50th Birthday I decided 2008 was the year of my marathon fate. This spring I will build my endurance to complete the 26.2 mile Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego.

In additon to many many training miles before the event I need to raise a bit of cash. The Team in Training along with help from povides any easy and secure method of making CONTRIBUTIONS.

bttn_donate_over1.gifPlease make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance the Society’s mission. Your contribution regardless of size provides me the encouragement needed to reach the finish line and gives researchers the financial backing to find a cure.

Contact Dan Cummings – The Running Realtor via email to if you would prefer to send a check for your tax deductible contribution to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


Dan Cummings – Connecticut Running Realtor

January 2, 2008
Welcome to my personal profile page. This site offers an interactive opportunity to learn more about the Connecticut Shoreline Real Estate market and me. My blog postings offer a variety of subjects from personal interests to real estate tips.As you can see by the photo’s my latest endeavor includes running. This started in the fall of 2005 as casual dinner conversation with friends and evolved into a year round hobby. In 2007 my goal was to finish a Half Marathon so in June I ran the Fairfield Half and had so much fun that in October I ran the Greater Hartford Half Marathon trimming a minute per mile off my time. At this stage I’m thinking I should stick with the 13.1 mile run and work on speed for 2008.

I’m always running around the Connecticut Shoreline so if you need assistance Buying or Selling a home in my territory just remember to google Dan Cummings, The Running Realtor or email